Developed by Dolby Laboratories, Dolby Atmos represents the latest advancement in surround-sound technology. It expands on existing surround sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects with neither horizontal nor vertical limitations. The result is depth, clarity and details that haven’t been heard before in traditional sound systems.

As a Mastering Engineer at the forefront of the industry, Colin Leonard knew that Dolby Atmos had the ability to change the way music is experienced, and began to modify his mastering suite at SING Mastering to be able to master music in Dolby Atmos.

For the Atmos setup at SING, Leonard turned to Memphis, TN’s Eggleston Works for custom-made speakers with special onboard amplification and sealed designs. “The first time I heard Dolby Atmos in here through the full mastering system was really phenomenal” Leonard said. “Dolby Atmos music is more emotional. It gives you a much more dynamic presentation of the music.” 

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