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In addition to delivering the highest quality audio and CD mastering possible, we put equal emphasis on providing great customer service.  You don't have to take it from us, read what are customers have to say.  These are taken directly from our Google Places reviews here. Bc Bogey: Quality Excellent Whose opinion do you trust? How to best allocate your budget to get the best possible sound on your recording? These are pressing concerns for independent artists, and they were also my questions when I was looking for a new mastering engineer. I came across SING Mastering rather by accident, following links from other sites. Colin's list of mastered projects was impressive, containing big names in the music business, but these weren't necessarily artists whose music I listen to, or whose work has influenced me. But then there was also this enthusiastic testimonial from someone who had done the Smashing Pumpkins, which was more up my alley. Next I read what Colin had to say about his approach to mastering, and got hooked. Apart from the larger headroom that you get, there's another advantage in using analog equipment: toying around with fancy, often pre-set, plugins on a computer screen can be a distraction, while turning knobs, flipping switches and pushing faders old style forces you to truly listen to a source - almost a lost art. I got in touch with Colin to inquire about the rates, and found them affordable and his communication swift and clear. So I gave it a shot. The result is stunning, and playing back the track on different sound systems reveals the sound to be powerful and transparent, and, what's more, better than that of other masters of my songs, some of which were done by Grammy winners. Moreover, all through the process I felt I was in touch with a dedicated, hard-working engineer - not a secretary - who didn't seem to mind the fact that I'm no big shot in the industry. Colin even had sound advice to offer on mixing when I queried him. What more can you ask for? Michael Rachap: Quality Excellent Colin Leonard is a wizard. I've been privileged to do three mastering sessions with him so far in 2013 and each time he's made my songs sound better than I thought possible. He has an incredibly advanced studio, yet he knows that what's really important is the client's music. Even if you don't attend the session with Colin (I'm fortunate enough to live in town), trust that his setup will yield extraordinary results. He's got amazing gear and he knows how to use it. I'll never use another mastering engineer. If you want your music to sound great on CD, on the iTunes store, anywhere it goes out there in the world, trust Colin. Brian Pinkston: Quality Excellent I recently had some of my work mastered by Colin at SING Mastering. I must say that I'm very impressed at his skill level and professionalism. Colin is a true Mastering Professional and I will never use anyone else. If you are looking for the best, I can assure you that you don't need to look any further! Thank you SING Mastering for everything!!! I'm a client for life. Isaac Agyeman: Quality Excellent Colin is by far the BEST mastering engineer I've ever worked with! He knows what he's doing. If you're looking for top quality, radio-ready mastering then Colin is your man. This is my first time working with him and he exceeded my expectations. The tracks he worked on have gotten me rave reviews, radio-play, top representation, and my first-ever licensing deals. One of the top comments I hear is "who did the mastering? is this a pro job?" These are the types of comments you want. Trust me, when it comes to audio you can't skimp on the mixing & mastering because it makes a HUGE difference and you need to get people that know what they're doing and have clients you recognize. Colin has all of that and is actually a leader in his field. He's got patents on technology that improve your mix. Some mastering guys squash your mix but not Colin...your track will have life to it which will set you apart from your competition. I will definitely use Colin again....and you should too! V Lewis: Quality Excellent My upcoming groove jazz single was recently mastered at Sing, and I must say that I am extremely pleased with the result! What a pleasure to find a mastering house that truly understood what an instrumental jazz track should sound like! Thanks, Colin! Guilherme Cazzonato: Quality Excellent Can I rate SING mastering with 20 shiny stars? Because five are not enough to describe how great Colin's skills are. He's very professional and efficient at the same time, which is, in my opinion, a killer combination that makes him a wonderful engineer. Also, it never took me much time to get the answers for my emails. If you want to sound like those big, famous bands you like, choose SING. You can't go wrong choosing this mastering studio. From now on, I'll only let Colin master my stuff. Thanks for everything. Peter Rebeiz: Quality Excellent On behalf of Balik Farm Entertainment, a Swiss production house and recording studio, we have been very pleased to work with Sing Mastering. Colin offer great service and fast response with his work and there can be little doubt that his quality standards are among the highest in the industry. I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best and feel very comfortable recommending Colin and his mastering studio to anyone looking for world class results. I will most definitely look to work more in the future with Colin. Brian Cosby: Quality Excellent My experience with Colin and SING MASTERING was great! The atmosphere of both professionalism and creativity was refreshing. Colin is not just technical but he feels the music! Check Him Out! Anderson Layne: Quality Excellent As a musician/studio owner in Nashville I have tons of mastering options down the street. I still send all my projects to Colin every time which speaks volumes about his work. It's nice to work with someone who is not only great at what he does, but is a good guy as well! Anderson Layne Shane Bridges: reviewed in the last week Quality Excellent Just had Colin at SING Mastering finish up the mastering on two new songs. Best sounding mastered tracks I've ever heard. He's the man! Do yourself and your songs a favor and let him master them.. Here's to you Colin and SING Mastering! Madison Jones: reviewed in the last week Quality Excellent SING Mastering did a great job on our song "TIL DEATH DO US PART" by Kait Weston. The beautiful mastering job helped make sure our song would be the official single and video for the new Romeo & Juliet movie starring Oscar nominated actress Hailee Stienfeld (True Grit) and Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl). Congrats to Colin!!! Jamy Bagheri: reviewed 2 months ago Quality Excellent I'm a Producer from Belgium and got my song Mastered by Colin from SING Mastering. Colin got it right from the first time and did an amazing job on the Mastering! Everything was perfectly balanced and the punch was awesome. I will certainly have Colin do more Mastering work for me in the future! Keep up the great job Colin !!! Tyler Duoos: reviewed in the last week Quality Excellent Being new to seriously producing music, Colin did a great job explaining his work to me and giving me an awesome product that sounds great! Definitely a repeat customer. Will Robertson:  reviewed 3 months ago Quality Excellent I'm a record producer in Atlanta, specializing in singer-songwriters. I have used several mastering engineers in my career, but once I found Colin, he's been my top choice for every project. His room, his gear, his ears, and his professionalism are all world-class. I always look forward to my sessions there, because I know that he's going to take the project and really make it shine. Highly recommended! Zachary Alexander: reviewed 2 months ago Quality Excellent My band, Drowning Out Tuesday, was directed to SING Mastering via OpenSky Studios to master our first demo cd. Colin and SING Mastering is by far one of the best, easiest to work with, and up front specialists in the mastering arena you will ever come into contact with. We are 100% certain in continuing to use their services for any other music needs we may need. Willie Linton: reviewed 2 months ago Quality Excellent What is Mastering? I've heard it explained 1000's of times from musicians and engineers alike. Ask around and you'll never get the same answer. It can be the final application of paint and wax on a 1967 Mustang, the secret sauce on a big mac or a freshly ironed shirt right out of the dryer. But whatever your definition, THE RIGHT Mastering Engineer helps your Music SING. I've worked with Colin for years and my phone hasn't stopped ringing since. Glenn Matullo: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent I have had the pleasure of working with Colin on several projects. And with each, his attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project has been amazing. I have also seen his business and his skills grow throughout his career. He is extremely dedicated to the craft of Mastering and continues to find ways to make your music sound the best it can be. His SING technology is an example of Colin's innovation and drive. SING keeps your music dynamic, and still competes, and surpasses audio levels of major commercial artists. A key characteristic with Colin is that whether you're an independent musician/producer/engineer, or a multi-platinum Grammy award winning artist, Colin will treat your project as the most important job he is working on. He won't be satisfied unless you are satisfied. He is also the type of engineer that will give great feedback about your mixes, so the next project you do will be even better. His ability to hear inside your mixes is astonishing. My latest project with Colin, an independent release, has reached #1 on the satellite radio charts, and the mixes hold up excellent against the major label competition and the digital compression problems of satellite radio. SING is an outstanding facility and I would highly recommend it to any artist that wants to take their music to the next level. Brandon Reeves: reviewed 3 months ago Quality Excellent Colin at SING Mastering worked on my newest album, A Decent Melody. He did an amazing job enhancing the overall impact of the audio quality of my album, and for a very affordable rate. He's a super nice guy and has worked with some of the best in the music business. Highly recommended. Kevin Rowe: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent Apart from being one of the most humble mastering engineers in the music business, Colin Leonard's sonic awareness and attention to detail is nothing short of impressive. What I love about using SING Mastering is that Colin takes time to understand what it is that you want as a client, and takes pride in delivering phenomenal results. SING technology just blows my mind. This is Colin's unique 'audio process' that no other mastering engineer is using, and you have to hear it to believe how huge and dynamic your audio can be. He seems to be able to get inside of mixes better than any other engineer I know, and gets astonishing results that do not butcher or slam the mix. He makes music jump, bold, smooth, and punchy. It's no wonder that so many major labels and artists are using Colin Leonard. SING Mastering's new facility in Atlanta GA is the new benchmark for any serious producers, engineers, bands or label. Tiki Torch: reviewed a week ago Quality Excellent Couldn't have been happier with the entire process and mastering Colin did on our project --definitely hope to be working with him again! Kaitlin McGaw: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent I have worked with Colin since 2007 - always remotely from California - and always exceeding my expectations. Mastering comes down to the talent of the engineer, both innate (ears) and skill. Colin is at the top of the game internationally, attracting artists from all over the world. What sets him apart further is his ability to always treat you as his #1 client. He's exactly the person you want finishing your album. Willy Collins: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent I have had the pleasure of working with Colin on two projects in the past year and I was simply amazed by the quality of the work. His ability to bring out the raw emotion of the songs was as if he were their when I sat down to write them. As a new artist, I am honored and humbled to have Colin work with me and looking forward to creating with him again. Nick Ogawa: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent SING Mastering is outstanding. I've had 3 albums mastered by Colin, and he is a consummate professional. The facilities are top notch, and Colin's ear is impeccable. The SING Process is really something you have to hear to understand, and it has given my work a clarity that I never thought possible. I've been nothing less than satisfied with all my albums mastered here. Janey Criss: reviewed 5 months ago Quality Excellent Colin understands the imperative role of quality mastering, especially for independent artists and self-producers. He takes every aspect of the recording into consideration when mastering - like how it was recorded and whether or not it's going to be pressed to vinyl. He takes an interest that others don't, and sees every project through, all the way to the consumer. I take all my projects to SING Mastering, and recommend it to anyone who wants the advantage of a super professional, quality sound. Greg Humphreys: reviewed 4 months ago Quality Excellent Colin did a fantastic job mastering my upcoming album release 'Bohemia'. Thank you SING Mastering! Romain Deguitre: reviewed 2 weeks ago Quality Excellent I'm a producer/songwriter from Paris, France. I highly recommend Colin to anyone who wants top-notch quality and an impressive mastered product. Great customer service and a world-class sound. He's by far one of the best mastering engineer. Colin will definitely be my mastering engineer for my future work.   CONTACT US >   BOOK A SESSION >